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The birthstones and their significance

Human life is connected to lots of things, said by many philosophers. Every person is unique in his own right. His instinctive characteristics and fundamental nature are triggered by many factors. And the birthstones are one of those factors that believe to influence human life. Things that are beyond tangibles have always lured curiosity of our mind. Every birthstone is associated with the month person was born. Here’s a list of how far-away stars and the birthstones impact our lives: Garnet For all those January born people, deep red coloured stone garnet is perfectly suited. The term garnet has a...

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The history of jewellery

A form of ornamentation that goes beyond the boundaries of time and culture is nothing other than the jewellery. Crafted with precious and non-precious metals and stones, these are favourites of woman from every path of life. Since ancient time jewellery has been playing a significant role in woman’s life as well as economy of the country. But, there is more to the history of jewellery. This article is about the history of jewellery and how it made it so far. Jewellery was not created by humans: This might sound confusing, but as per the pre-historic evidences the origin of...

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Jewellery trends for the monsoon season

We all love monsoon for its refreshing experience. Every rainy-day wash away the staleness and brings newness to life. Like every season, this one too inspires you to look your best with trendy accessories. Many of us avoid wearing jewellery this season. But, if you know how to sashay it with right choice of jewellery, then nothing can stop you from being a fashionista. Here are some simple yet effective monsoon jewellery trends: Diamond stud earrings: Diamonds are timeless. They are known as one of the toughest stones. So, why not choose a dainty pair of diamond stud arring to...

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The most stylish footballers of this FIFA season

With tremendous fame and worldwide fan following, footballers are not just loved for their magic in the field, but also for their ultimate fashion sense. Every footballer has his own unique style. From designer footwear to trendy clothing, these football stars are true celebrities. Here’s a list of footballers who are known as extremely stylish.   Paul Pogba: This French footballer represents Manchester United as a central midfielder, but he is known for more than that. His quirky fashion sense and bold choice of apparel surely makes him endorser’s best choice. Not just fan base, but also the fashion experts...

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The diamonds of the world

The earth is full of unknown treasures. From unknown stars to the stones, many unique things have caught human attention. The diamonds are one of the most unique creations of nature.  The diamonds have been inspiring art and ornamentation in many cultures. We have witnessed the rise and fall of empires due to the diamonds like Koh-i-Noor. Here is a list of few more world’s most famous diamonds you dint know about. Hope Diamond The Hope Diamond is one of the most precious jewels in the world. It is believed to be originated in India near Golkonda, popularly known as...

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